Composition «The Transience of Harmony»

The shark is a symbol of time and contingencies it carries.
Time is like a well-fed shark.
Which has the natural property of a living organism to feel one day hunger and consume everything.
Therefore, each of us must always remember this.
We are able put the shark canvas in a secluded place, and feel imaginary temporary peace and serenity.
But it is much better to contemplate this composition in its entirety, aware of the fleeting immediacy of the moment.
Intuitively, visually, this shark is always somewhere on the left in the bottom corner of my world.

 As a result, I put the canvases next to each other.
In the left corner of the canvas ( harmony ) are hourglasses and represent time and events that are absorbed by this predatory creature.

I would like to keep this image on my paintings , to convey my inner sense of the universe. Without pretensions to deep reasoning and philosophy. Using only visual images.
The association with this structure of the universe I felt watching a large aquarium in which are all the living objects of my composition.
An enclosed space where harmony and danger are present at the same time.
Without going into detail, for me, war was a turning point. Which, like a natural filter, purified consciousness and divided time before and after.

My intention is to keep this image in mind throughout the time that still remains at the top of the hourglass, living every day to be fully conscious of my existence.