The painting «Black swan as a symbol of gaining indestructible power”

The black swan is a symbol of gaining indestructible power.
Direct analogy is showing the internal state.
It needs to be filled with energy from the source, which is displayed as a blue intangible spot with golden particles, with a huge concentration and no boundaries. It seems like something priceless and possessing incredible power.
Filling up, the black swan gives protection to the white one, which is not accidentally depicted behind it as an indistinct and weakened silhouette that is trembling and isn’t able to find peace.
There is a balance in this fight.

To save and protect the snow-white, pure open creature, its dark side is coming to guard, protect and fill, not allowing it to fall or fly away forever.

The canvas is filled with very strong but mixed feelings.
Nothing is exact, all states are mixed, the natural phenomenon is a symbol of the upheaval and seething of the inner world at this moment.

A white sparkling surrounding, but the canvas is depicting the silence of the night, the stars, the moon and the distorted state that is a feature of turning points which change absolutely all moments of life.

Maybe it’s even about a rebirth.