The painting «Creation»

Series «Love» was replenished with another large-scale painting.
Through paintings, I reveal the theme of love in its widest sense, from the habitual meaning to the something deeper.

I’m feeling that I’ve started to expand many gradation of this concept during the establishment of the painting « Creation».
Permanently close to me are the notions of: love, the history of origin, foundation of the world, which I progressively reveal via each follow-up works

I just let my inner impulse go.
I can’t find a logical explanation for every element and symbol that I paint.

For a long time I thought it was wrong, I didn’t fully understand the origins of my work.

Currently, I have a clear sense that I’m drawing inspiration from within myself, synthesising world around.
There are invariably birds in the painting, which are always the main characters of my plots.

Birds as a symbol of purity and eternity.
An arch vault where they feel safe and secure.

A glacial rock in the center of the canvas, washed by waves and a vessel from which grows a beautiful tree - as symbols of an inexhaustible source of energy.

A massive diamond-shaped frame as a protective structure that preserves peace and harmony in the world like a fortress.

The series «Love» will have a sequel.

It is pretty exciting to observe my feelings in the process of creating works.
This incredible feeling, I can confidently note, cannot be replaced.

Size: 155 х 190 cm.
Materials: canvas, oil, gold and copper sweat.