The painting “Breath of the time”

«The breath of time»

Canvas from the series "Love"
The source of inspiration for me are- the unique of its kind «Peacock Clock», which are located in the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg.
Each of us finds inspiration in the material world and transforming what we see in our minds and give birth to something completely new.

So that’s the story of this work.
Numerous visits to a beautiful, multifaceted museum became the inspiration for many of my works, in different embodiments.
There’s something that once we can see and we always remember our feelings, and through time, we can go back and back to that very moment.
The painting«The breath of time», as a material manifestation of the emotions I experienced, faced the artwork I mentioned above.
The calm, the harmony, the balance I wanted to display in the painting.
Formal colors and details as symbols in the language of visual art.
Birds like a sign of eternity, militarily defending their world.
A decorative frame that preserves the elements that are peculiar to it: the earth, the water and the boundless source of energy, which is depicted as a decorative tree.
In this painting, as in each one, everyone will find their secret meanings and marks.

Materials: canvas, oil, gold and copper leaf .
Size: 110 х 190 сm.
Nowadays my works placed in private collections in many countries of the world!
Sending the exclusive work of art is possible all over the world with accompanying documents, the owner of the painting will receive.